Salto Angel

This excursion will take you to one of Venezuelas highlights, the highest waterfall of the world, the Angel Fall or Salto Angel, with almost 1.000 meters of free fall from the Auyan Tepuy Table mountain. A one hour flight over endless Gran Sabana will bring you to the Canaima with his lagoon and 7 impressive Water Falls. On the excursion over the Canaima lagoon you will be impressed by walking behind the Salto Sapo. You will enjoy the bath in the Water of the Carao and Chrun river. On a boat trip in a wooden dugout you will reach the Angel Fall and a short hike through rainforest will bring you to vantage point right in front of the Angel Falls. You will spend a night in the jungle camp in front of the highest waterfall of the world - Salto Angel

Day 1

In the morning, flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima. Boat trip across the lagoon of Canaima. Short hike over the river island to the waterfalls "Sapo" (frog) and "Sapito" (small frog). Subsequent boat trip on the Rio Carrao along the high table mountains in the direction of "Salto Angel" to the basecamp. Overnight in hammocks. ( - / L / D )

Day 2

Early in the morning you continue by boat on the river "Churun" up to the island "Raton". 1-hour hike through the jungle to the base of Angel Falls (Salto Angel). Swimming opportunities in a natural pool. Afterwards you return to the island "Raton" and the basecamp. Overnight in hammocks, opposite of Angel Falls ( B / L / D )

Tag 3

In the morning you return to the lagoon of Canaima. Opportunities to swim in the lagoon. In the afternoon you fly back to Cd. Bolivar.

( B / - / - )

B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner

Getting there and away

Flights and Busses

The airline Rutaca offers one to two flights per day from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar. One in the morning and another in the evening.

Other companies offer several flights per day from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz which is 80 Km from Ciudad Bolivar Between Ciudad Bolivar and Puerto Ordaz exists a good taxi and bus connection.

Many bus companies are leaving from Caracas "Terminal de Oriente" several times a day to Bolivar the journey takes 8 to 12 hours.

Recommended bus lines are

If you take a bus in Venezuela, the driver used to turn on the air condition at full power and it can get very cold in the bus down to 7*C (45F). Take warm clothes inside the bus. You can book now all internal flights with the KAMADAC travel service, as well as airport assistances and Pick-up services. We offer a pick-up service from all airports in Venezuela (including Isla Maragarita). Our driver will wait for your flight at the airport with a sign bearing your name. This is for your security, so you can be sure you are in safe hands, which is particularly important if you arrive late at night. The driver will then transport you and your luggage safely to your hostel/hotel. We gladly organize your round trip from and to Caracas as your wish.



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For your information

This tour can be done in the rainy season between June and Dec. Depending of the rain and the water level the boats can reach Angel Falls even in the dry season. Jan. to May. If you wish to continue to Santa instead of returning to Ciudad Bolivar, you plan an additional day to catch the flight to Santa Elena on th 4th day. An other option is a additional day tour to indian Village called Kavac at the south side of Auyantepuy. Because of limited space in the small planes the luggage schould not exeed 10 Kg plus a 5 kg handbag. Please pack as small as possible.

Packing list